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July 22, 2016by Cody Tucker4

The Real Cody Tucker

My social media ventures have been a serious goal in my life over the past 6 months. It started with Facebook friends 300 to 4600 and then a business page doing social media management. 3000 likes, Linkedin 1400 connections. Twitter and Instagram around 2000.

I realized tonight at 2:48 am is that I’m not very personal to anyone and I bet 9 out of 10 of my followers have no clue who I am.

Cody Tucker, born and raised in Northeast Texas by Dallas. Mom was all I had growing up, we had a small piece of land that was out of town in a farming area. I spent most of my time as a young boy hitting milk weed with sticks and watching cartoons. Mom provided for us well enough, but we weren’t rich by any means.

At 16 I landed my first job, I did very well in school when I actually showed up for class. My freshman year of high school I missed 134 days so college was out in my opinion. I was a grocery sacker at a Brookshire’s in Greenville, TX. For 6 whole months until a security camera caught me and a friend smoking weed in the back lot after hours.

Life from there until about 20 was difficult and full of missteps, stumbles and falls. I plan on covering those at a later date with the personal blogging category.

Fast Forward 24 years old in Kearney Nebraska

Cody Tucker Kearney Nebraska

This picture may fool you but that’s not a plunger, it’s really a personal fall stopper. My name in this picture is Clark Caverns and it’s from a Vacation Bible School program at my church. We finished the VBS program today July 22nd. For 5 days I dressed up as Clark to teach and entertain kids with skits. My girlfriend and I also taught a bible study together during this.

Cody Tucker Kearney Nebraska

We touched on some really good points, like how Jesus died for each one of us.

Cody Tucker Kearney Nebraska

I have been a Youth Leader here going on 8 months. My favorite part so far has been the mission trip we took to Bloomington/Normal Illinois.

Cody Tucker Kearney Nebraska

We work with kids that have been parented in the smartphone generation. But on this trip kids from all over the country joined forces to paint and repair houses of low income families all over the country.

It’s very exciting to watch these kids grow up and I can’t wait to see them as grown men and women in their communities.

Hope you enjoyed getting to better acquainted.

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Talk soon!

Thanks for your time!

Cody Tucker

  • Interesting – I am glad you posted this .
    It’s useful that your sharing your experiences and reaching out.

    • Thanks Ravi! Looking forward to continuing this and sharing more!

  • Kathy Adams

    Cody, so proud of both Jordan and you. Yes, there is nothing like seeing the little ones you teach grown up and carrying on in teaching and living for Jesus. It was such a blessing as I worked at the VBS registration table seeing the ones I taught when they were little bringing in their little ones to be taught and led by others that I had taught such as Jordon and seeing my granddaughter be a crew leader. Looking forward to learning and seeing more from you. God is good all the time.

  • Kyla Martin

    Love this, Tucker! Can’t wait to hear more of your story, Cody. You’ll always be Tucker Cody to me! Hee! Hee! Thanks for sharing your ministry.

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