Advertising ExplainedWhy Automotive Repair Shops Should Reevaluate Their Marketing Plan

August 9, 2016by Cody Tucker

The automotive repair industry is a competitive one, so your auto repair shop success depends on your marketing strategy. You’re competing for market share in an industry that pulls $65 billion annually. Naturally, the quality of your repair work and customer care are essential to your success, but it is through smart and efficient marketing that you can extend your reach and grow your business. Marketing lets people know why they should choose you over your local competition.

Professional Marketing is an Investment

Like automotive repair work, efficient, successful marketing today requires technical skill and diagnostic ability. You could probably handle many of your own marketing tasks, like some of your customers could handle many of their own automotive repair and maintenance tasks. However, that may not be the best use of your time. You may be better served by investing in a proven auto repair shop marketing strategy, just like your customers are better served by having you handle their repairs quickly and professionally.

As you learn more about how to create a winning marketing plan, you soon realize there’s more than meets the eye to skilled, result-oriented marketing strategies. Marketing is a multi-tiered process in today’s technologically enhanced climate. A website is a must, as is high quality, interesting and useful search engine optimized (SEO) content.

Not only do you need to consider website design, but also how that design will play when viewed via a screen, on any device. After all, if someone breaks down on the road, odds are that it will be their mobile phone they use to find the closest, best-rated auto repair shop. Blogs and social media are also important to lead generation and other aspects of data collection essential to a targeted marketing strategy.

When you invest in professional marketing, you invest in the future of your business. Professional marketing can help grow your business by using multiple communication channels effectively. More importantly, professional marketing allows you to leverage the modes of communication that people actively use today. The old ways of marketing are simply no longer up to the task, not in terms of how people obtain and use information today.

How to Create a Winning Marketing Plan

Marketing success begins with a professional evaluation. That should always be the first step in developing a targeted, result-oriented marketing approach. This fact finding process is an important part of assessing and accurately detailing your current marketing status, as well as what’s working and what isn’t. Compare those results to your marketing and auto shop business development goals.

When you engage marketing professionals, you’ll see why your website, social media and customer feedback matter. The blueprint to achieving your marketing and business growth goals is built upon that type of data, providing a targeted marketing strategy designed to get your business where you want it to be in a very competitive market.

To take advantage of that opportunities for success in the automotive repair industry, it’s crucial to position yourself carefully when it comes to marketing. Call Cody Tucker at 9034565619 for a free marketing consult and learn how to put a winning plan into action that will leave you doing what you’re best at. Repairing cars!

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