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September 28, 2016by Cody Tucker

I work with a lot of older clients, from growing up in the south we learned respect an early age and the value of treating our elders with the respect they deserve. Something about it has always made me more comfortable working with them call me weird that’s all right lol.

I recently learned a really important lesson and I wanted to share it with all that read my blog.

A guy I recently started working with has a really outdated database system to manage his business this thing does everything but it’s an outdated system that really doesn’t hold a match to what some of the cloud-based systems that we have today. Don’t worry I’ll get to The Mug in a minute LOL. I started working with this company that sells Western Art calendars in the business-to-business market. I’m an expert in setting up sales processes and researching different tools to make a business run smoothly. Two goals from this business are marketing and sales automation. Something that will follow-up with potential customers and manage the relationships of old customers. Okay I’m going to get to The Mug now. I saw this on Vistaprint and I instantly fell in love with it, I was searching for new ways I could reach out to businesses and immediately show them that I actually care about them. I planned on doing that with different gifts with their businesses logo on it. Then it hit me, I fell in love with this mug just like my client with the outdated software fell in love with it all the way back in 1992. I was so glad that I didn’t go in and bad mouth his system and way of doing business. Even though I could have sold him a little quicker by pointing out his pain points in Greater detail. I chose to take it slow with him because I could tell it was a big change from how he does business. This lesson of the coffee mug that I just had to buy by the way LOL. Will stick with me because how would I feel if some person came in and listed it out all my flaws and hit me over and over on how I could be doing so much better and then asked for money to fix it. This coffee mug changed my sales pitch forever and I hope I can do that for you too. Share your thoughts below 🙂

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