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October 6, 2016by Troy Hollenbeck

Internet Marketing Extraordinaire

Troy Hollenbeck

Something that has presd on me lately is the promise of finding one skill that you do the best and doubling down on it. Internet Marketing is no different, For some their skills are sales, others it’s managing people.

If you have any interest in furthering your career in Internet marketing let me introduce Troy Hollenbeck CEO of Evolve Journal.

I have followed Troy for the past year at least on Facebook and the quality of content he provides is unmatched. He really shows how he gets results and if you’re really hungry, he even has a group on Facebook that you can interact on a more personal level.

I vouch for Troy and what he does, please give him all your attention below.

One of the big changes going on in respects to how marketing online changing,is the value of training has gone up significantly. One one of those companies that my company Evolve Journal LLC is promoting, is Tecademics based in Scottsdale Arizona founded by 8 figure marketer Chris Record. You see after only marketing online for around a year now I noticed a few things going on in the marketplace, “Too much information, and not enough results”, that said there have been a few industry leaders willing to open up and give back to people like you or I, starting out in business.

In addition, IMC will be the very first physical location college for marketing, in Scottsdale, Arizona, and have an actual classroom feel and high-value training by the industries best.

The Internet Marketing College (IMC) is for existing business owners, real estate agents, insurance brokers, consultants and of course entrepreneurs. I have personally gone through each of the 20+ free trainings and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

As a business owner myself, I can say that I’m very confident this training will help anyone succeed in the industry.

Troy Hollenbeck
CEO Evolve Journal LLC

Claim Your Free Tecademics High-Value Trainings:  
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Here’s what your Free trainings will cover in detail by Chris Record and IMC:

  1. [CASE STUDY] Student Makes $35.5K with Shopify in 12 Days
  2. How to Get Facebook Video Views for $0.01 or Less Each
  3. 7 Steps to Triple Your Facebook Engagement
  4. FB Marketing Hacks
  5. [Step By Step Tutorial] How To Set Up & Run FB Lead Ads To Build Your Email List
  6. How to Make 6-Figures Online With Print on Demand Products
  7. How To CONVERT Sales Through Email Marketing
  8. HOW TO Create Resources Out of Thin Air & Raise Money For Your Business
  9. Tips to Overcome The Sales Objections Everyone Faces
  10. How To Make 5 Figures Per Month Online With Client Work From Small Business Owners
  11. How to Index and Rank Your Blog Post in Under 60 Seconds
  12. How To 10X Your Business To 6 Figures Per Month! (2.5 Hour Pure Value Training)
  13. How To Leverage FB Ads To Build For An Offline Event [STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL]
  14. Advanced Shopify Training
  15. Beginners Guide To Print On Demand Selling
  16. How To go From 5 To 6 To 7 Figures Per Year In Affiliate Marketing Commissions
  17. FSL Method – Find, List, Sell Shopify System + Product Research Training
  18. Facebook Advertising Tips Masterclass
  19. Instagram For Beginners (Step-By-Step Training!)
  20. How To Sell Products On Shopify
  21. Affiliate Marketing 101, The Value Of A Lead, Creating Bonus Sites & Launching Products

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Yes FREE, in the spirit of giving and completely over delivering you will get access to everything here now for 100% FREE.

What Tecademics IMC Internet Marketing College can do for you on a bigger scale?
3 Accelerated learning paths for business owners, high-value employees and entrepreneurs alike.

Internet Marketing Extraordinaire - Troy Hollenbeck Internet Marketing Extraordinaire - Troy Hollenbeck Internet Marketing Extraordinaire - Troy Hollenbeck

The key to the TecAdemics accelerated learning process is a combined courseware set protocol designed to produce extraordinary results in a very short period of time.

Appropriately, our accelerated learning process is called F.A.S.T. (Foundations, Applications, Skills and Tactics)
Course structure is broken down as follows:

  • Foundational Courseware –
    These are classes you will take part in regardless of your specific chosen career path. These Foundational courses give you the common pool of knowledge required to understand thoroughly, at a high level, the industry of Internet Marketing and how to rapidly advance in your chosen path.
  • Application Courseware –
    These are pre-requisite classes that continue to build on the Foundational Courseware and start to establish the baseline knowledge for your specific chosen core
    competency. These courses show the knowledge standard required to move rapidly into the next courseware set, your Skills Courseware.
  • Skills Courseware –
    These classes are the center and focus of the specific internet marketing group you have chosen including categories such as SEO, SEM, e-commerce, email marketing, content marketing, etc.
    These classes serve as the substratum of your entire path strategy.
  • Tactics Courseware –
    These classes conclude the accelerated learning process and give our students with the precise knowledge required to embark upon their chosen learning paths. Each Tactics Courseware set is specific to the learning path. Whether you chose the Employee Path, the Entrepreneur Path, or the Mentor Path, you will be decidedly well-prepared.
    For example, if you have chosen the ENTREPRENEUR PATH, one of the tactical classes will be about how to write highly effective proposal letters to secure new business. If you have chosen the EMPLOYEE PATH, one of your tactics classes would be how to write an impressive resume or how to create a compelling employment interview.
    Regardless of your chosen path, the Tactics Courseware will pull all the pieces together.

I hope you have enjoyed having Mr. Hollenbeck stop by our blog, please leave a comment for him and watch for our future posts!

Comment your questions and we will focus on them for our next partnered blog post.

Troy Hollenbeck

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